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With a 12 mm steel chain, the GRANIT ™ Power XS 67 12KS Black Loop provides the lock with all safety-relevant performance: 14 mm shackle, double locking ABUS Plus cylinder, Code Card key set. The Loop and the chain's one-sided locking feature ensure that you have most of the chain length available for securing and full flexibility during everyday use.

  • 12 mm thick square chain (barrel) with textile cover to prevent paint damage
  • 14 mm thick lock bracket (17 mm with cover)
  • Double locking of the bracket in the lock housing
  • The chain, bracket, lock body and internal elements of the lock mechanism are made of hardened special steel
  • A soft silicone jacket protects against scratches
  • ABUS XPlus cylinder offers optimal protection against picking
  • This lock comes with two keys, one of which has LED lighting
  • ABUS Code Card for extra or replacement key
  • Manual keyhole lock protects against dirt and moisture