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Nolan N100.5 Plus Distinctive

Stronger than polycarbonate, inspected as open and closed helmet
Kinstuk just above the edge of the helmet, also with higher speed you can drive open

The N100.5. is the "award winning" flagship system helmet from Nolan.The outer shell is made of Lexan, a special type of polycarbonate that is stronger and more durable than the polycarbonate made for almost all helmets.

The visor is even larger and wider with the N100.5, so you have a field of view that approaches that of a net helmet. The ingenious hinge system of the chin can be tilted at two points, so that it is in the open position just above the helmet. This greatly increases the streamline and ensures that you can drive reasonably 'open' at spicy speeds

The Nolan N100.5 has a double homologation (P / J inspection). This means that this helmet is approved as a helmet and as a full-face helmet. So you can ride with the chin without any consequences. And let this helmet be perfectly suited for this. The chin has the safer opening mechanism 'Dual Action'. To open your chin, you need your thumb and forefinger. You can still open the helmet with one hand, but thanks to this extra protection the chin will open much less quickly in the event of an accident.

  • Visor: Ultra-wide, Lexan, scratch-resistant coated
  • Sun visor UV 400 protection dark-colored, made or Lexan, scratch-resistant coated
  • Interior "Clima Comfort"
  • Helmet comes with pinlock (anti-fog visor)
  • Removable and washable
  • Detachable neck pad
  • Ventilation
  • "Airbooster technology" for optimal ventilation
  • Microlock
  • Preparation for eyeglass wearers
  • Dual action with one-handed operation, no risk of accidental opening
  • Handle for locking for open driving (P / J double homologation)
  • Elliptical chin mechanics that pull the chin closer to the scale when worn open