Schuberth C5

The best solution for the most demanding touring riders! State of the art helmet from the flip-up collection, The first Schuberth helmet featuring the P/J dual homologation approved according to the new ECE-R 22.06 standard.

€ 529,95
Color: Matt black
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The Schuberth C5 Solid helmet blends ultimate safety, amazing aerodynamic and aeroacoustic performance with compact and light design. One of the first helmets featuring the P/J homologation and approved according the new ECE 22.06 regulation. A DFP Fiber Glass shell reinforced with a layer Carbon fiber provides for improved shock absorption and lighter weight. The Schuberth C5 offers aeroacoustic comfort with only 85 dB(A) at 100 km/h in a naked bike.

The interior, with its exclusive individual seamless linings concept offers an unparalleled comfort level never seen before. The new chin strap positioning to improve comfort in the throat area and Anti Roll Off System (A.R.O.S).

Ventilation makes C5 a game changer in the Flip-up helmet category. An optimum head thermoregulation maximizes rider performance and comfort. The buttons offer easy adjustment of the variable control front vent. The C5 is designed to combine the ultimate ventilation with the dual chin air intake with exchangeable filter, combined with a new back spoiler featuring air exhaust and uncovered EPS ventilation channels.

  • Exclusive INDIVIDUAL seamless lining-concept for unparalleled comfort
  • P/J homologation and approved according to ECE 22.06 regulation

  • DFP fiberglass shell reinforced with carbon fiber for improved shock absorption strength and lighter weight.
  • EPS material for improved shock absorption and increased head cavity , featuring two densities for main part and sides.
  • New patented visor mechanism featuring Memory Function.
  • Improved field of view thanks to new City Position mechanism and to the new V-lock sun visor mechanism.
  • New chin strap positioning to improve comfort in the throat area featuring Anti Roll Off System ( A.R.O.S).
  • New chin lock mechanism made in glass fiber reinforced plastic for lower weight and improved handling.
  • Double chin air intake to improve ventilation , featuring exchangeable chin part filter.
  • New back spoiler featuring new air extractor.
  • SC2 Plug and Play Communication System Preparation.
  • Size 59: 1660g +/- 50g | Size 61:  1810g +/-50g.
  • ECE-R 22.06 homologation, featuring P/J double homologation.
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