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Hightail Hair Protector

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Hightail is the world’s only helmet-mounted hair protector. The innovative design creates a protected space for your hair which leaves it looking great. No binding or braids are required. Simply tuck your hair into the protector and enjoy the ride. No tangles, no hassle.

The hair protector creates a separate pocket for your hair, outside your helmet and away from your neck. In the summer your hair doesn’t get sweaty, and the extra breeze on you neck helps you stay cool. Curly hair or straight? Hightail has you covered. Hightail works for all types of hair.

  • The unique design fits on 95% of road helmets but some off-road helmets are problematic.
  • Unique helmet-mounted design.
  • Protects hair from tangles and wind damage.
  • Unique clip design makes it easy to remove and switch helmets.
  • 3M Primer 94 included to maximise clip strength.