As of January 1, 2023, all scooter riders and passengers must wear a helmet. In this section you will find our collection of scooter helmets and everything to make it as pleasant as possible for you on the scooter!
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Do you like to cruise through the city on your scooter? Then you must wear a helmet from 1 January 2023. This helmet requirement also applies to scooters that drive at a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour (known as light mopeds). A light moped or light moped may drive at a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour and can be recognized by a blue license plate.

With this new compulsory helmet, the government hopes that there will be fewer accidents and road deaths. With a scooter that goes up to 25 kilometers per hour, you still have to ride on the bike path. Only in Amsterdam and Utrecht all light mopeds and scooters drive on the roadway.


Helmet obligation for all scooters from 1 January 2023

Moped scooters, moped riders and their passengers are therefore legally obliged to wear a helmet from 1 January 2023. You can choose between two types of helmets: an approved moped and motorcycle helmet or a speed pedelec helmet.

1. An approved moped/motorcycle helmet can be recognized by a CE mark. That's a circle with the capital E in it. After the E there is a number and each number represents an EU country. In the Netherlands, approved helmets are given the number 4.

2. An approved speed pedelec helmet is marked NTA 8776:2016.

This helmet requirement already applied to mopeds and mopeds. A moped is allowed to drive at a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour and can be recognized by the yellow number plate. You are not allowed to ride on the bike path with a moped (45 km). Wearing an approved moped/motorcycle helmet is required by law everywhere.


Everything for your scooter

In addition to a scooter helmet, you can make your ride on the scooter as pleasant as possible. Think of a scooter leg cover or scooter muffs to stay warm and dry. And the care and maintenance of your scooter is also important. For example, you protect it against theft and rain with a scooter cover or scooter lock from our scooter collection.


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