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Belgom Chrome polish

€ 11,95

Belgom CHROOM is a polish specially developed for chrome parts. Belgom CHROOM thoroughly cleans chrome surfaces and protects them for long-term protection against rust and external influences. This chrome polish from Belgom is used when brushing engine parts, car parts and other chrome parts.

Remove rust from chrome
Do you suffer from rust on chrome engine parts? Think of rust in and on your exhaust? Use Belgom CHROOM polish. This polish for chrome has an abrasive effect so you remove rust from chrome.

Give chrome a high gloss
Belgom CHROOM is not only a cleaning agent for chrome surfaces, but also gives the chrome a long-lasting protection with the ultimate high gloss. Is the chrome of your engine weathered and dull? Achieve a crisp, clear high gloss of your chrome parts!

How do I apply Belgom chrome?
Belgom CHROOM is packed in a handy 250ml jar. Make sure the surface is clean. Use a soft polishing cloth with which you can apply the chrome polish. After brushing, allow the Belgom chrome polish to work in and then polish the polish with a clean and soft microfibre cloth. Experience the powerful cleaning, long-lasting protection and the ultimate high gloss of your chrome!

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