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This lock can be ordered the same way, which means that different locks can be operated with one key. Disc brake locks belong to the category of compact motorcycle locks and are therefore easy to transport. To increase safety during longer parking times, it is advisable to secure the motorcycle to a fixed object. Thanks to the 3D Detection System, the motorcyclist is warned when removing the motorcycle stand that the lock is still on the disc brake.

In the activated state, the flashing red light has a deterrent effect.

  • 13.5 mm thick locking pin
  • The locking pin, the lock housing and the internal elements of the lock mechanism are made of hardened special steel
  • Alarm function based on 3D Position Detection - this means that every movement is detected
  • Alarm signal of min.100 dB
  • The automatic disc brake recognition system allows the lock to be transported in closed condition without the alarm being activated
  • Acoustic and optical signals (multiple LEDs) indicate the status of battery and activation
  • ABUS X-Plus cylinder offers optimum protection against picking
  • This lock comes with two keys, one with LED lighting
  • ABUS Code Card for extra or replacement key
  • Two standard AAA batteries are included
  • Delivery including protective bag for easy and safe transport in a luggage compartment or under buddy seat