• Tru Tension Tungsten Premium Chain Wax
  • Tru Tension Tungsten Premium Chain Wax

Tru Tension Tungsten Premium Chain Wax

Tungsten Premium Chain Wax has been designed to reduce the friction of moving components whilst significantly reducing fling. Perfect for general road riding, off-road, commuting and touring.

Tru Tension
€ 15,30

Tungsten Chain Wax is a premium chain lubricant that has been formulated with a high-temperature range to ensure it clings to the surface better than ever for superior friction reduction and heat dissipation. Tungsten is scientifically proven to provide a super slick surface by smoothing out imperfections within the chain for reduced wear and higher performance. A PTFE based wax formulation provides a sufficient covering for the chain and moving components.

Unlike other lubricants, this chain wax is designed to be extremely thin when initially sprayed which allows it to penetrate parts of the chain before setting to a thicker, durable lubricating layer. Applying when the chain is thoroughly cleaned and warm allows the lubricant to adhere better to the surface of the chain.

Compatible with O, X and Z-Ring chains.

Content 500ml.


  • Improve Performance
  • Prolong Sprocket Life
  • Increase Chain Life
  • Less Dirt Build Up
  • Smoother Ride
Directions for use

Step 1: Ensure your chain is clean, dirt-free and dry before applying.
Step 2: Evenly apply to all surfaces of the chain.
Step 3: Your bike is ready for instant use.

Compatible with standard O, X and X-Ring chains.

Important: avoid contact with braking components. Keep out of reach of children.

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