• Tru Tension Laser Monkey
  • Tru Tension Laser Monkey
  • Tru Tension Laser Monkey

Tru Tension Laser Monkey

Laser Monkey provides precise wheel alignment for both chain and belt driven motorcycles, of any make and model, regardless of sprocket or pulley material.

Tru Tension
€ 29,99

Laser Monkey by Tru-Tension is an innovative laser alignment tool designed to ensure precise and quick setting of the drive wheel on a motorcycle. Ensuring your wheel is aligned accurately now couldn’t be simpler!

The unique Laser Monkey design uses the sprocket or pulley of the motorcycle to send a laser directly down the centre of the chain/belt, ensuring fast and easy wheel alignment. Precise alignment of the wheel ensures prolonged life of moving components to save you money, coupled with improved handling characteristics and optimised power delivery. Simply adjust the rear wheel until the laser is aligned with the centre of the front sprocket and your wheel will be aligned with precision.

The Laser Monkey can be coupled perfectly with the Chain Monkey for precise and fast chain tension and wheel alignment in one easy step.

Directions for use

Step 1: Remove screws from the top of the Laser Monkey using Allonkey provided.

Step 2: Ensure laser is pointing at the floor. Place the two batteries provided in the space behind the laser. Negative terminal of batteries to connect with laser spring.

Step 3: Position head back onto body ensuring switch terminal fits behind both batteries. Screw the three screws back into head to secure in place.

Step 4: Widen the arms on the Laser Monkey outwards by twisting the adjuster to allow enough space to fit over your chain or belt.

Step 5: Pass the Laser Monkey over the chain/belt and adjust the arms inwards until they grip a flat part of the rear sprocket/pulley. Ensure the Laser Monnkey is gripping to clean, dirt free, flat parallel surfaces.

Step 6: Point the laser down to the closest part of the chain/belt and turn on. The laser should appear in the centre of the chain link or belt. If not centralised initially, adjust positioning to centralise the laser.

Step 7: Lift the laser head to point at the furthest visible point of the chain/belt towards the engine. Adjust the wheel alignment until the laser is showing at the centre point of the chain/belt. Your wheel will then be accurately aligned.

Step 8: Lock the rear axle nuts and adjustment nuts, turn off the laser and remove the Laser Monkey from your sprocket or pulley.

Warning: do not shine laser directly in eyes or at anything other than its intended use.

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