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Oxford Tank grips black

€ 28,95
Tank grips for stability, control and security.
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These Tank Grips stick on the flanks of the fuel tank. They naturally protect your shiny tank against wear and tear, but are actually specifically developed to get more grip and thus more control.

You control a motorcycle with your legs, not with your hands. In the driving school they said it countless times, but then you did not believe it. In the meantime it has become clear that you are indeed 'laying' the motor with your knees and legs. More than with your hands. Oxford developed this Tank Grips with that thought in mind. Stability, control and confidence arise where you stick these Tank Grips. Anyone who sits back and forth on a saddle can never send in a curve as it should.

The 3D material used (DuroxGrip) has a clear, extra gripping effect. Naturally, it also protects the tank. You stick the Tank Grips - simply, thanks to 3M - on the flanks of your tank, wherever you find it necessary. They come (by two, left and right) standard in a kind of drop shape, but thanks to a number of pre-formed lines you can easily crop them yourself to make them even better fit.

You do it once, and once you do it correctly. Thinking before you start seems like a good tip here. Once stuck, the intention is to keep them stuck in all circumstances, so starting to doubt that process halfway through or thinking about it does not immediately lead to top results.

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