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We deliver all of our new products with the standard factory warranty. As a general rule that a minimum of 1 year. Naturally, a satisfied customer is our priority! So in case you have a malfunction with a product  -within this period or after- please do not hesitate to contact us. We always strive to find an appropriate solution.

You can contact u by email at [email protected] Besides that we are available by phone during the opening hours of the shop at + 31 20 493 03 67.

The invoice you receive in the shop or with your online order is your warranty. All items purchased at the store or in our web shop, which are offered for warranty examination must be issued and picked up in the store in Amsterdam. It is also possible -at your risk and cost- to send us and return the items by mail.

Here are a few simple rules to keep your gear in top condition. We advise you to treat your garments with special motor wash and care products. Follow the instructions on the package carefully and you will have  long lasting satisfaction of your outfit!


  • Always air your leather garments well after use.
  • Never store leather in an airtight plastic bag or container.
  • Never wash or dry clean leather.
  • Do not expose leather to intense heat or direct sunlight.
  • Always clean your leather thoroughly with special cleaner products.
  • Treat your leathers, at least twice a year, with leather afterwards to protect and feed your smooth leather garments. It will help preserve the water- and dirt-resistant qualities of leather.
  • Use a leather spray to preserve the leather’s natural water-resistance and fully protect all types of leather against water and stains, while maintaining its breathability.


  • The maintenance of textile garments requires special attention, especially when they contain waterproof and breathable membranes.
  • Fully protect your waterproof textile garment against water and stains, while maintaining
  • the breathability of the garments, with waterproof textile spray.
  • Your textile and waterproof garments can be washed. Never in the machine and use special textile wash. This detergent gently removes stains, without the risk of damage to the membranes and breathable fabrics.
  • Never machine wash waterproof or breathable membranes.
  • Never rub waterproof or breathable membranes.
  • Do not expose waterproof or breathable membranes to intense heat or direct sunlight.

Always follow the wash and care instructions on garment labels!