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S100 Glossy wax spray


All sorts of things combine to dull the shine of your motorbike - the weather, dirt from the road, insects, UV radiation, tree sap, to name a few. S100 Gloss Wax Spray gives lasting protection against harmful environmental influences

  • The special Carnauba Booster Technology makes it incredibly easy to apply the world's hardest natural wax - carnauba.
  • Carnauba ensures that your motorbike keeps its shine whatever the weather throws at it, including both rain and the sun's UV rays. Water simply rolls off in beads.
  • High-gloss finish and great depth of colour.
  • The special combination of active ingredients ensures a fast cleaning action, even for oily dirt, without the need for water.
  • Adheres well, so it will not run off.
  • S100 Gloss Wax Spray is suitable for all motorbike surfaces, e.g. paintwork, metal, plastic and chrome.

Content: 250 ml.