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RainX Anti fog


Rain-X® Anti-fog improves visibility in wet and bad weather. RainX Anti-Mist removes and avoids scale and condensation. For use on glass and mirrors. Not suitable for use on plastic, painted, treated or coated surfaces.Rain-X® improves visibility during rain, sleet and snow. Studies and tests prove that you have more than a full second reaction time when using Rain-X® Original. That is almost four car lengths at speeds on the motorway!

Not suitable for plastic, lacquered, treated or damaged surfaces.


  • Clean the surfaces and dry before handling
  • To be used from an outside temperature of 4º Celsius
  • Put Rain-X® on a small, folded, dry cloth
  • Move the cloth with Rain-X® in a circular motion
  • Let Rain-X® Original dry for a while; a slight mist may appear
  • Repeat Rain-X® treatment to ensure that the surface is completely covered
  • Remove the mist with a dry cloth or by running water over the window and wiping with a dry cloth
  • The use of Rain-X® is not recommended on any plastic surface, including motorcycle windshields, ATVs and solar panels, etc.