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Wear it under or over any motorcycle jacket you like
No connection with your bike or special airbag motorcycle gear needed

All the safety of the Dainese airbag system used in MotoGP™ and developed in more than 25 years of research on the road and track is now encapsulated in a convenient vest that fits any road situation. The Smart Jacket monitors what’s happening around the motorcycle rider 1,000 times a second. It always deploys the Shield when necessary, and only then, to provide the rider with maximum protection. You’ve never had this level of freedom before and you’ll never be without it again.

The Smart Jacket can be worn over or under any other jacket or outfit and it requires no connection with the motorcycle, plus it is well-ventilated and is easily foldable. It combines all the power of the latest-generation Dainese D-air® and the convenience of a garment with a thousand uses. It comes in two versions, men’s and women’s, and each version is available in six different sizes. Experience the highest level of safety with unlimited road use.

You can feel how practical the Dainese Smart Jacket is when you put it on. It offers perfect ventilation for warmer days and its advanced technology can withstand any downpour or weather condition.



The convenience of a vest, the intelligence of Dainese gear.

Ease of use is what makes the Smart Jacket unique. Put it on and it’s immediately ready to protect. You’ll be protected for more than 26 hours without recharging thanks to the long-lasting battery. If it’s been deployed, all you have to do is take it to Biker Outfit Amsterdam, who will replace the internal Shield with no hassle, no complex operations and no long wit times.

MotoGP™ airbag technology that fits everyone.

The Smart Jacket contains the latest generation Dainese D-air® technology, the airbag used by MotoGP™ champions developed in over 25 years of research on the road and track. Its complex algorithm enables it to automatically recognize dangerous situations and deploy immediately, whenever it needs to. It offers the maximum level of protection for the motorcycle rider, in an easy-to-wear and truly versatile garment.

More back protection, without a back protector.

The Dainese D-air® airbag system protects the motorcycle rider’s back and vital parts with its Shield, the patented airbag with microfi laments that ensures high shock absorption capacity without the need for hardshell protective gear. The amount of protection is equivalent to seven back protectors and it covers a wider surface than a single back protector, without the restrictions. The safety of air!

A shield for motorcycle riders.

What makes the Smart Jacket unique is its Shield, the patented airbag from Dainese. Its special structure and microfi laments guarantee uniform, controlled inflation, offering the same level of protection over every inch of the jacket. The Smart Jacket is abrasion resistant and its Dainese D-air® is the only certified motorcycle airbag protection that doesn’t use hardshell protection on the torso (EN 1621-4 Lev. 2)or back (EN 1621-4 CB Lev. 1). Feeling safe is true freedom.

Real intelligent protection.

The brain of the Smart Jacket is the Dainese D-air® system control unit. The control unit requires no cables and is not connected to the motorbike or scooter in any way. It independently senses dangerous situations, immediately deploying the Shield to protect the motorbike rider. Always at the right time, only when necessary. This brain thinks and acts to keep you safe.

Always aware of what’s going on around the motorcycle rider.

The brain inside the Smart Jacket senses and analyzes everything that goes on around the motorcycle rider. It uses its seven sensors to monitor and process data 1,000 times a second. Its complex algorithm decides to deploy the airbag in the event of lowsiders, highsiders, collisions with objects or other vehicles, and rear-end collisions. For the fi rst time with a motorcycle airbag system, deployment also occurs in a collision with a stationary vehicle, which is common when stopping at an intersection. You concentrate on the road, the Smart Jacket will keep you safe as you move.

Gathering tons of data for seriously effective protection.

The intelligence behind the Dainese D-air® in the Smart Jacket is the result of tons of data gathered in more than 25 years of tests and use on the road and track by everyday and professional motorcycle riders throughout the world. This unprecedented amount of information has made it possible to create an airbag system of unrivaled effectiveness and protection. It’s like a brain containing hundreds of thousands of experiences. It always knows what to do and when to do it.

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All in all a breakthrough from Dainese in motorcycle safety. In terms of ease of use, technology and price. Let's summarize these unique features and all advantages for you:

  • The price: remains of course an amount, only now much more affordable than you previously had to pay for an airbag. Also because you do not have to install extra connections on the motorbike or you have to purchase special airbag motorcycle gear, so no hidden costs.
  • No external connections with your motorcycle required. A huge advantage in terms of both costs and flexibility. If you want to ride a friend's motorbike during a trip, you are still protected. And if you buy a different motorbike, you have no hassle or extra costs to adjust it.
  • The airbag vest is water-repellent and the airbag system is waterproof. And also ventilated for warmer days.
  • The Smart jacket is foldable and easy to carry or store in your motorcycle case.
  • Wearable under or over your motorcycle jacket, what you prefer.
  • No special airbag motorcycle gear required. You are flexible in what you want to wear on the bike and are no longer limited to motorcycle airbag gear.
  • Optimal safety!
    • protection on chest, ribs and back
    • the protection is equivalent to 7 Level 1-approved protectors
    • for the first time, deployment also occurs in a collision with a stationary vehicle
  • Usable for 26 hours and a fast charging time
  • If the Dainese Smart jacket airbag has been deployed, it is easily replaceable at Biker Outfit Amsterdam. No long waiting times and weeks without your airbag vest, but quick and safe on the road again!