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Sidi REX


The latest SIDI Rex Boots feature advanced locking mechanisms, an ergonomic entry-level system, unrivaled adjustability and progressive protection to make them one of the most comfortable and safe sports shoes on the market.

Constructed with SIDI's exclusive Technomicro base material with strategically placed, padded elastic panels that become wider as your foot travels through them, the Rex boots offer a simple, uncomplicated fit. Instead of annoying laces or restrictive cut buckles, the Rex boots use SIDI's own Tecno-3 Push Closure System. Three separate and adjustable steel cable locks are released and secured by means of round dials with push buttons that allow the pointer arm to be lifted and turned for increased closing pressure. The mechanisms at the shin and the ankle pull from the center while the instep mechanism pulls from the inside edge of the boot to create a symmetrical closure and ensure a firm, confident fit.

The single ankle brace of the Rex, consisting of glass fiber injected nylon, reduces lateral movements and strengthens the internal and external ankle joints to provide more support and stability. In addition, the air vents on the bottom of the bracket are operated by an accessible, aerodynamic button to provide an optional air flow. With the aid of a similar sliding mechanism, an additional ventilation opening is built into the toe slide, which offers an increased optional airflow over your little piggies. In addition to the venting scheme, small slits at the central point of the ankle support allow heat and perspiration to escape from the Rex Boots, keeping you cool, dry and focused around after the round.

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  • Technomicro base material
  • SIDI's exclusive Tecno-3 Push Closure system
  • Elastic panels at the front and back of the shoe in flex areas for maximum comfort
  • A single support for the ankle, nylon material infused with fibers made of glass fibers, connects to the internal and external ankle joints for more support
  • The support for the outer ankle is equipped with air vents
  • Small ventilation openings in the middle of the support bracket
  • Nylon insole with detachable support leg
  • Double stitched in all areas with high tension
  • Fully encapsulated heel cup
  • Lined with anti-wear Cambrelle in the foot section for comfort
  • Perforated nylon covered nylon lining
  • Toe slide made of nylon reinforced with fiberglass and equipped with an air inlet and an innovative alloy
  • Dual compound sole
  • DuPont® polymer toe shift