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D3O is an extremely clever, globally unique technology that is based on the innovation of capturing the benefits of non-Newtonian shear thickening material in polymers that can then be engineered for real world impact protection solutions. These enhanced properties offer a number of different performance benefits depending on the base polymer used and the intended application. D3O's global patents ensure that no other company can offer the same type of protection.

D3O materials are engineered to be fit-for-purpose but as a solutions provider D3O is also able to customize the various formulations to a partners specific requirements.

How D3O works
D3O materials in their raw state flow freely when moved slowly, but on shock, lock together to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to their flexible state.
This reaction is counter intuitive. The greater the force of the impact, the more the molecules lock together and the greater the protection.

  • One pair of D30® T5 EVO X shoulder protectors (Level 1).
  • Constructed from super-tough high-tech patented D30® armouring technology.
  • CE certified to EN1621-1:2012 (Level 1)
  • Meets the full remit of Level 1 European requirements in ambient, wet, and cold conditions.
  • Temperature-stable for safe and comfortable year-round use.
  • Alternative Level 2 shoulder protector set also available.