• HJC Smart HJC 11B
  • HJC Smart HJC 11B
  • HJC Smart HJC 11B

HJC Smart HJC 11B

Smart HJC 2nd generation Bluetooth communication system model developed in collaboration with SENA.

€ 134,95

The Smart HJC 11B 2nd generation Bluetooth communication system model implements an all-in-one design, that is fully integrated into the helmet, allowing you to feel the optimal weight balance and aerodynamic performance while riding. Based on the BT5.1 Ultra low power system and 2-way Bluetooth intercom features.

The enhanced sound System properties include audio multi-tasking, sound equalizing, advanced noise-canceling, and more. The SMART HJC 2nd generation also comes equipped with HD speakers to enrich mid-to low-pitched sounds.

  • Indicated discount prices do not include our mounting service

Control unit

  • Powering On/Off
  • Call answering / Hang-up
  • Volume +/-

Main unit

  • Long-lasting Power (Up to 22 Hours)
  • Battery Unit & PCB Unit

MIC set

  • Boom-Type: Applicable for Modular & JET helmets.
  • Wire Type: Applicable for Full Face helmets.

Features HJC 21B

  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Advanced Noise Control
  • Voice Prompt
  • Universal Intercom
  • Hd Speakers
  • Audio Multi Tasking
  • 2-Way Intercom
Applicable models

  • RPHA 71 & RPHA 71 CARBON
  • RPHA 91 & RPHA 91 CARBON
  • RPHA 31
  • F71 & F71 CARBON
  • F31
  • i71
  • i91
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