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Booster Cruise control Easy

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Handlebar diameter 22 mm / handle diameter 25-30 mm or for handlebars 25 mm and handles with a diameter from 31 to 36 mm. So measure the diameter of your handlebars in advance and / or take into account handles that may have already been adjusted to a larger diameter.

To use the mechanism, place the clamp vertically on the handle. Done. Press the clamp against the brake lever at the desired speed with the index finger. The clamp keeps your throttle in the chosen position. Close the throttle to release.

Please note: this cruise control cannot be combined with other existing (electronic) systems. Keep in mind that cruise control can extend your response time, so one is sufficient. When stationary, try the mechanism to rule out surprises on the go. It goes without saying that cruise control - in any version - is only suitable for relieving the wrist during long journeys on straight roads. Cornering, urban traffic, off road, work or traffic jams are not included.