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Yuasa Battery YTX12-BS

Yuasa is world leader in motor batteries. Yuasa guarantees high quality motor batteries and is the first choice for every major motor manufacturer. Yuasa motor batteries are therefore used as standard in many motorcycle brands such as BMW, Ducati. Honda. Kawasaki. Suzuki and Yamaha engines.

Yuasa YTX12-BS Warranty
The Yuasa YTX12-BS motor battery comes with 12 months warranty on factory faults. The battery is permanently sealed after filling and you do not have to refill the battery.

Maintenance free
The Yuasa YTX12-BS is equipped with the latest AGM techniques and is a maintenance-free battery. This means that after being filled, the battery does not need to be topped up for the first time and the acid level does not drop. However, the battery needs to be recharged at standstill.

To fill
The Yuasa YTX12-BS comes with a separate acid package. The acid pack contains the exact amount of battery acid required to activate the YTX12-BS battery. Filling the battery is very simple and can be done by anyone using the instructions provided.

With the filling you activate the battery, so you are always assured that the battery is brand new. 

After you have filled the battery, the battery is approximately 70% charged. We recommend charging the battery fully to 100% with a suitable trickle charger before the first use. This considerably extends the life of your battery. When the trickle charger indicates that the YTX12-BS is full, it can be mounted in the motor.

The lifetime of a Yuasa YTX12-BS is on average 3 to 6 years. To prolong the life of your motor battery we have the following tip: Connect your motor battery to a trickle charger if the motor / battery is not used for a long time, such as during the holiday period or in winter. This allows you to extend the life of your motorcycle battery up to 10+ years!

For the Yuasa YTX12-BS battery we recommend the Optimate 3 trickle charger.

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