Shoei X-SPR Pro

The X-SPR Pro is designed for high-speed and top level sport riding!

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Every detail of the Shoei X-SPR Pro was carefully designed, tested and tuned. Shock-absorbent shell in AIM+, made of multi-composite and high performance fiber layers for strength while staying light weight. The all-new aeroform design provides stable aerodynamic performance at speeds even in excess of 350 km/h. 

The independently adjustable center pad system has been further refined. Each pad is shaped like a pocket, allowing you to customise the fitting to your own head shape, including adjustability at the front and back, left and right widths, etc.

Ventilation system is positioned in optimised locations for the racing use. 7 closable ventilation inlets and a total of 6 air outlets, make the X-SPR Pro full-face helmet possible to achieve higher ventilation efficacy than its predecessor the X-spirit III.  The cheek ventilation system has also been significantly improved. Ventilation holes have been added in the cheek area for better ventilation performance. The innovative cheek vent system offers active cooling even in the lower part of the helmet.

A new visor system with central locking mechanism was equipped to the X-SPR Pro. The new position of the visor allow the rider to place himself more comfortable while having a full view from the helmet. The double lock gives the maximum security to avoid unwanted openings of the visor. The new CWR-F2R Visor has a two dimensional outer shape to provide the option of adding tear-off sheets to the visors. The visor is prepared to be equipped with a Pinlock® Evo lens and the related attachment points are moved out of the view of the rider to allow a clear vision all over the field of view.

The inner surface shape of the chin bar is designed for the installation of a hydration system. The optional hydration kit will help maintaining concentration during the long lap races in extreme midsummer conditions typical of endurance races.

If the helmet does not fit you perfectly, there is always the option of a Shoei Personal Fit.

More info Shoei Personal Fit

  • Shock-absorbent shell in AIM+.
  • 4 different outer shell sizes (XS-S/ M/ L/ XL-XXL).
  • Modular EPS liner system with multiple densities.
  • Modular centre pad.
  • Cheek pads in different thicknesses (31, 35, 39, 43 mm).
  • All pads detachable, washable.
  • Visor system with central locking mechanism.
  • CWR-F2R Pinlock® visor.
  • Visor is prepared to be equipped with a Pinlock® Evo lens.
  • Pinlock Evo lens included in the box.
  • Double D-Ring.
  • Innovative cheek vent system.
  • 7 closable air inlets & 6 air outlets. 
  • Sophisticated aerodynamic system.
  • Rear stabilizer with flaps.
  • Lower air spoiler.
  • E.Q.R.S. security system (Emergency Quick Release System).
  • Prepared for the easy installation of a drinking system.
  • ECE 22/06 – FIM homologation.
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