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S100 Totaalreiniger

€ 29,95
Active grease dissolving formula: insect residues, grease, and oil simply disappear. Gently cleans and protects all normal surfaces on your motorcycle. Absolutely acid-free.

S100 Engine total cleaner has improved in a groundbreaking way. The new formula protects the material, especially the sensitive surfaces such as aluminum and chrome. The gel formula is extremely adhesive and therefore prevents the cleaner from dripping off vertical surfaces. The gel is acid-free.

Content 750 ml.


  • Spray your engine with a hard water jet to remove the coarse dirt
  • Spray your engine with the S100 total cleaner
  • If necessary, rub with a sponge for difficult stains
  • Allow the gel (S100 Total Cleaner) to work for 15-30 minutes
  • Spray the S100 Total Cleaner with a strong jet
  • Dry rubbing is not necessary as it evaporates drip-free

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