Pando Moto Skin UH 03

Unisex protective leggings that even fit under skinny jeans! The high waist and tight fit make these leggings feel like a second skin.

Pando Moto
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The Pando Moto Skin UH 03 bikers leggings are extremely durable made from power-stretch 65% UHMWPE and Spandex (15 times stronger than steel) fabrics. This unisex legging is highly abrasion-resistant and extra heat conductive. Due to the comfortable tight cut – these leggings fit like a second skin, the protectors are secured in place and doesn’t move around. It is specially designed to be worn under your regular garments for an extra layer of impact protection. Pando Moto has also added a double mesh for extra ventilation and breathability. The Skin UH 03 is delivered with knee and hip protectors included, the legging is fully CE approved level AA. 

  • Hip and knee protectors included!
  • Fully CE approved garment – performance level AA

  • Extremely durable power-stretch Balistex (65% UHMWPE – 15 times stronger than steel) fabric.
  • 35 meters slide distance or 4.1 seconds sliding time. 
  • Highly heat-conducting fabric (cools down).
  • SAS-TEC TripleFlex CE approved knee and hip protection included.
  • Due to the comfortable tight cut, the protectors is secured in place and doesn’t move around
  • Protectors are easy to remove.
  • Low profile protection for unrestricted movements
  • Double mesh on the fly for increased ventilation and breathability.
  • Fully CE approved garment – performance level AA in accordance with EN 17092.

The difference between the Skin UH 02 and Skin UH 03 is that the Skin UH 03 does have hip protection and therefore receives class AA during the inspection. Therefore, no hip protection is supplied with the Skin UH 02.

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