Protective or wear-resistant underwear is a step further compared to casual motorcycle gear. Under your own outfit you wear a leggings or vest made of wear-resistant material which is prepared for protectors. Flexibility to the max!
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Protective or wear-resistant motorcycle underwear have been developed for motorcyclists who want to get on the bike in their everyday outfit, but still want to drive around safely. You wear these clothing underneath your normal clothes as you do with underwear. These protective leggings, shirts and vests ensure excellent wear resistance. Some of our protective underwear are equipped with pockets for protectors for extra protection.

Would you like more information about protective motorcycle underwear? Please contact our customer service for expert advice. We can advise you on the basis of your motorcycle use which material will be most suitable for you.


Protective underwear materials

Protective or wear-resistant motorcycle underwear are reinforced with an artificial fiber to achieve the same wear resistance as with regular textile motorcycle clothing. The usual materials are Kevlar® and Dyneema®.

Kevlar® from DuPont ™ aramid fibers
Kevlar® is lightweight, durable and extremely strong. Especially known for its use in bulletproof vests. In addition, the material is flexible and comfortable to wear.

Dyneema® is the world's strongest fibre and is seen as the premium brand of wear-resistant material. Dyneema® is super strong and yet elastic. That makes it comfortable to wear all day, on and off the bike. On top of abrasion resistance, the Dyneema® fibre is lighter than water and thermo conductive. So you won’t even feel that you are wearing anything while regulating your body temperature.

Kevlar® and Dyneema® are very durable but not energy absorbing. That is why there are pockets on the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and back where D3O protectors can be placed. D3O is a flexible protection material that hardens on impact and absorbs the energy that is released.


For whom is protective underwear suitable?

Because you wear leggings and vests under your clothes, this underwear is suitable for every type of rider. In addition, it is a godsend for motorcyclists with a difficult findable size. These leggings and vests offer a solution. Wear the leggings and the vest under your own jeans and jacket, and you'll still safely ride around on your motorcycle in a casual outfit!


Customer service of Biker Outfit

Because of our large collection of protective or wear-resistant motorcycle underwear, we can help every casual motorcycle rider with superior quality underwear. Yet it is possible that our offer is overwhelming. For questions or advice about the best protective or wear-resistant motorcycle underwear for you, you can visit our store in Amsterdam or consult our customer service. Our specialists are happy to help you with advice so that you can enjoy your motorcycle clothing for years.

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