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Bowtex Long John standard legging black


Why wear a Bowtex kevlar legging?

  • A complete protection. A elastic base layer for flexibility, comfort and heat resistance, and added Kevlar patches for abrasion resistance.
  • Safety, again. Kevlar reinforcements have been applied to the critical parts of your body (hips, knees and bum).
  • It fits all outfits. Wear them underneath your pants or your favorite pair of jeans.
  • You can wear them all day long. They’re made with a blend of soft and flexible material which means they’re comfortable to wear. So you don’t need to change in between places or meetings.
  • You can wear them all year round. The fabric allows for the air to flow in and out. So they’ll keep you warm in winter but are still breathable in summer and will keep you cooler than a thick pair of Kevlar lined jeans.
  • Customised. Pockets have been added to insert CE approved D3O protections sold separately.
  • They’re a cheaper solution to most of the Kevlar lined jeans or pants available on the market today.

The D3O knee protectors are NOT included but can be bought separately in this webshop.