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Thanks to the titanium oxide formula, Belgom Lustreur Ultra Protecteur gives an exceptional shine to all types of paint and protects them permanently against the aggressions of pollution, bad weather, corrosion or ageing. Professionals and collectors also use it on chrome, stainless steel and bare aluminium, which gives it a brilliant shine!


  • To be used on a vehicle that has been thoroughly washed and prepared with products from the Belgom range
  • Apply the product with a polishing cotton or microfibre by twisting it and in small areas.
  • Wipe and polish with a cotton pad or a clean microfibre. Convenient: use only polishing cotton or microfibers specially designed for polishing for optimal results without the risk of scratching.

Belgom Lustreur Protecteur is available in two packs: 250 and 500 ml.