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Alpinestars Nucleon KR-CELLi


The extremely light, KR-CELLi back protector has an articulated back plate for flexibility and proper fit, plus an advanced micro cell design for efficient impact energy absorption and high airflow.

  • The ultralight Nucleon KR-CELLi Protector insert is designed in three sizes from waist to shoulder to cover all body sizes.
  • The triple segmented shell of the rear wall is made from a high-quality polymer blend for optimum flexibility and excellent weight-saving properties.
  • The structural design of the back protector and the structural change from the center to the outside provide the perfect balance between power distribution and energy absorption.
  • Unique cell micro-structure designed for advanced energy absorption, adaptivity, maximum breathability and air flow.
  • Ergonomic protective plate contours to the natural curve of the back ensure optimal fit while driving.
  • Horizontal flexion tufts for an adaptive fit in different driving positions.
  • Soft, comfortable air mesh on the body side of the protector offers maximum breathability and comfort for the rider.

Security level

  • Level 1 (EN1621-2: 2014)



  • Height: 144 - 167 cm
  • Waist: 68 - 76 cm
  • Waist-to-shoulder: 38 - 43 cm


  • Height: 164 - 183 cm
  • Waist: 76 - 88 cm
  • Waist-to-shoulder: 43 - 48 cm


  • Height: 180 - 195 cm
  • Waist: 88 - 111 cm
  • Waist-to-shoulder: 48 - 51 cm