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Muc-Off Wet Chain Lube


Wet Chain Lube polymer formula penetrates deep into the chain, reducing wear and friction to a minimum in even the toughest conditions. The non-drying hydrophobic lubricant film sticks to every link even during a long, rain-soaked ride! UV dye technology: you can accurately see the specific coverage of the lubricant when using a UV flashlight.

  • Polymeric formula penetrates deep into the links and reduces friction and wear, while a water-repellent layer ensures that dirt is not stuck anywhere.
  • Specifically developed for wet conditions and OTR rides.
  • Reduces friction and wear.
  • Added UV dyes: a UV lamp can be used to check whether the entire chain is lubricated.
  • Suitable for standard O, X and Z chains
  • Content: 400 ml.