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Shoei CWR-1 NXR / RYD / X-Spirit III Visor

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  • The Spectra silver darkens slightly less than a dark smoke visor. The color tone is relatively neutral with a slightly reddish touch. 

  • The Spectra Blue impression is even warmer / redder than at the silver one. If you are looking for warmer colors, check out this visor. At least during the day and there in sunny weather, a very different contrast is created between the impression of the outside and the inside.

  • The Spectra Gold visor darkens more strongly than the silver- or blue-mirrored one. In contrast to this, however, the color when looking trough is rather slightly bluish and also thus very different from the rather warm impression from the outside.

  • The Fire Orange visual impression is rather bluish-greenish and is therefore slightly warmer than with the pure golden visor. If it is very bright outside, the tint is slightly brighter than the „Spectra Silver“.