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Touch tip for smartphone or navigation systems
Note: batteries are NOT included!

The Klan-e Unix provides a lot of feeling with your handles due to the thin inside of the palm and fingers. The elastic wrist with Velcro flap ensures great wearing comfort. The fleece part on the thumb acts as a visor wiper. The glove has a battery pocket in the cuff with a connection plug for the battery. The 4-position illuminated switch on the back of the glove allows the glove to be switched on in 4 heating levels. Suitable for 7.4V, 2.2A portable batteries that can be worn in the cuff of the glove.

The Unix gloves can also be connected to the 12V battery of your motorcycle or scooter with cables. Another option is power via a central 7.4V or 12V Klan-e battery in the inner pocket of your jacket. In this way, in combination with optional cabling through the sleeves of your jacket, you can still heat the gloves electrically without feeling the weight of the batteries on your wrists.

  • Textile gloves prepared with the heating element
  • Closure with wrist strap
  • Touch tip for smartphone or navigation systems
  • A heating system in 4 positions
  • With the DUAL POWER power system, the gloves can be used with different types of power supply:
    • Direct connection to a 12-Volt source (motorcycle battery)
    • Connects to two 7.4V, 2.2A portable batteries that can be inserted into the cuffs of the gloves
  • Note: batteries not included!