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Equipped with a Dual Program 1A that automatically initializes, diagnoses, repairs, charges, tests and performs optimal maintenance on your battery. Suitable for charging batteries with a capacity from 2.5 Ah to 50 Ah. Charge the battery directly or change the program to charge via the 12V port of your CAN-bus equipped motorcycle. With automatic activation without a key.

OptiMate 4 Dual Program 1A will automatically charge and maintain your battery until it is disconnected. OptiMate 4 Dual Program 1A includes low voltage pulsed recovery for even more efficient recovery of bad neglected sulphated batteries. It contains a user-friendly test on connection. The Optimate 4 has a stylish weather-resistant housing with built-in mounting eyes and improved energy efficiency. The OptiMate 4 Dual Program 1A extends the life of your battery by up to 400%.

The OptiMate 4 Dual Program 1A ensures that your battery remains ready to start (even after months of unused and connected to the charger). The Optimate 4 has a general input range of 100 V to 240 V. The Optimate 4 Dual 1A charges with a maximum of 1 ampere and has a capacity of 3-50Ah. Ah (ampere per hour) is indicated on the battery and is an average of 20Ah for a motor.


  • Maintenance charger
  • Can reactivate old neglected
  • Display the battery status
  • The battery can be permanently connected to it
  • Equipped with a CanBus option
  • Test and maintenance cycle
  • Including connector for the battery
  • Includes clamps for a separate battery
  • Optimizes power
  • Extends battery life
  • Also suitable for light car batteries
  • Charge with 1A
  • Range from 3-50Ah
  • LED display