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Today, a smartphone and GPS are a part of almost every motorcycle tour. This electric system integrated into the tank ring enables a connection with the bike's electrical system, creating a convenient power supply for electronic devices inside the tank bag. Anyone with an EVO tank bag can retrofit it with this EVO 2.0 electric top ring. Also included in delivery is the EVO 2.0 Electric Kit, which is easily inserted into the existing EVO tank ring. The system has a safety mechanism, so the voltage only runs through it only when the tank bag is locked.

  • The EVO 2.0 electric top ring is screwed to the EVO tank bag instead of the standard top ring
  • The EVO 2.0 electric kit can be used for any EVO tank ring
  • The circuit is closed by snapping the top ring on the tank ring; the circuit is disconnected when unlocking the top ring
  • Operating current maximum 5 amps
  • Direct connection to the vehicle battery
  • Fuse in the cable harness (5 A)
  • Vibration-resistant mounted, gold-plated spring contacts
  • Waterproof plug connection between cable harness and power contact

Included in delivery

  • 1 x EVO 2.0 Electric top ring
  • 1 x Electrical contact to be inserted into the EVO tank bag
  • 1 x Electric kit 2.0 for the EVO tank ring
  • 1 x Cable harness with safeguard (5 A)
  • 5 x Mounting rings made of aluminium, for various motorcycle models
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting material


  • Color: black / red

Please note

Only compatible with EVO 2.0 electric top ring connections. Cannot be used with EVO 1.0 electric top ring cable harness.