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Sidi ST Air


Sidi, continuously researching new technological solutions to enhance rider safety. With Sidi's great style, feel, support and quality there are no finer performance road boots in the world. In the ST boot, Sidi has reimagined some of their most successful technological breakthroughs of recent years to deliver a stylish cutting edge motorcycle boot.  

The 'Easy Access' ST10 buckle and strap closure system is on the upper part of the boot making it easier to put on. The closure system, of the Sidi ST boot, can be adjusted to comfortably fit your calf. The Ankle Brace System has a reinforced fibreglass protection beam on the outside of boot hinged just above the ankle allowing for excellent movement front to back whilst being firm from side to side. The Air Ventilation system on the lower beam is operated using an aerodynamic slider. The Sidi ST has a composite inner sole, Lorica outer construction, removable arch support and a dual compound sole. The boot is double stitched in all high-stress areas.  All bolt-on parts are replaceable.

  • 'Easy Access' ST10 buckle system.
  • Replaceable nylon shin plate
  • Re-designed shock-absorbing heel cup
  • Ankle Brace System
  • The Sidi ST includes nylon toe sliders
  • Overlaid gear shift pad
  • Upper in Lorica
  • Lined with air Teflon mesh
  • Replaceable Shin Plate and slider
  • Zipper elastic panel
  • Replaceable ST10 Buckle and ST10 Strap
  • ST10 buckle and strap adjust the leg circumference
  • Ankle support Braces with ankle joint
  • Air ventilation system on the lateral side
  • Shock-absorbing heel cup
  • Rubber top sole with removable insert
  • Nylon inner sole with removable arch support
  • All parts of the boot can be replaced