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Small and light weight shell for optimum comfort!
Shoei customized? Biker Outfit is the 'Shoei Personal Fit' dealer for the Amsterdam region

Shoei designed the NXR helmet under the motto: simplicity is the highest refinement. Everything about this helmet aims to offer you maximum protection and comfort. A strong but light outer shell and the inner lining with different densities absorb an impact as well as possible. In addition, the quality visor and the aerodynamic shape ensure that the helmet is comfortable at high speeds. Even if you go on the circuit, the NXR is a very good choice.

  • AIM helmet shell with different layers and composites. The special feature of this helmet shell is the low weight in combination with the enormous strength
  • EPS inner lining with different densities, ensuring maximum comfort
  • A condensing retardant CWR-F visor with Pinlock lens
  • With a safe double-D closure
  • The NXR keeps your head cool with fresh air through 4 air intakes. This air is removed by 6 channels
  • Special ear pads in the inner lining ensure that noise is filtered extra before it reaches the ears
  • Integrated EQRS security system. Thanks to this system, the helmet is easily removable from the head in an emergency situation. The EQRS system is used, among other things, if there is a suspicion of head or neck injury
  • This Shoei helmet comes with a Pinlock lens, a Breath Guard and a Chin Guard. The Shoei NXR helmet can be expanded with a large number of visors