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The J-Cruise II is all about functionality and comfort with its compact, aerodynamic, modern and sophisticated design. Shoei combines the convenience of an inner sun visor with the ease and freedom of an open face helmet.The safety, functionality and comfort such as compactness and ventilation are renewed with with the latest technology of Shoei. The evolved J-Cruise II creates a new riding value.

The outer shell is made of AIM multi-fiber material, this material is made up of glass fibers and organic fibers. Very strong yet compact, which improves the weight and comfort. At the bottom of the visor there is a cleverly curved "double" edge, this edge ensures that the wind is guided along the sides of the visor.

The J-Cruise is prepared for SRL1 and SRL2 communication from Sena. Both systems fit into the helmet without disturbing the design and earodynamics.

CJ-2 visor
The J-Cruise II is equipped with a CJ-2 visor that boasts a clear view with little distortion. The window beading (window rubber) adopts an air tight sealing that is superior in adhesion and durability from the conventional double lip structure. Equipped with a visor lock at the lower left end to prevent unintentional opening.

QSV-2 sunvisor
New sun visor that further reduces the intrusion of sunlight. This visor is 5mm longer so it reduces sunlight coming in from the lower part of the visor as well. Designed to avoid interference with the nose. The QSV-2 has te same quality as European sunglasses with standard EN-1836.


J-Cruise II conducted repeated wind tunnel experiments, and thoroughly investigated ventilation performance. The upper air intake has one intake hole, and the amount of wind flowing into the helmet is 30% higher than the previous model. Also, the top outlet verified various part shapes and verified the shape with the highest exhaust efficiency. As a result, the number of outlet holes was the same as the previous model, but the displacement was improved by more than 20%.

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  • AIM multi fiber compact outer shell
  • EPS inner shell constructed in variable density
  • HYGRA® - hygroscopic quick-drying fabric interior
  • Pinlock prepared
  • Multiple ventilation
  • Clear CJ-2 thermoplastic molded visor
  • Updated QSV-2 sun visor with quality of sunglasses
  • Shoei stainless steel micro ratchet quick release
  • Removable and washable lining
  • Different inlets and outlets for extracting warm air
  • Integrated spoiler for improved aerodynamics
  • "Ducktail" diffuser
  • ECE 22.05 approved