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Exclusive at Biker Outfit: SHOEI personal fitting
Vintage touch, with the comfort and safety of amodern helmet

The Glamster Resurrection harks back to the 1980s with its narrow chinbar and mesh-backed vents, which go straight through to the interior without any option to close them. There’s a new-school quick-release visor, with a screw-down mechanism to secure the all-new visor itself to the composite-fibre shell. Modernity does get a look in with the opening and locking mechanism at the lower left edge of the visor, which is taken directly from Shoei’s NXR sports helmet.

And a Pinlock Evo anti-mist insert is included with the helmet, again taken from the NXR, to keep vision clear. The new visor seals against a rubber strip around the visor aperture to keep out wind and rain, with Shoei promising the Glamster Resurrection is a credible option for touring riding.

A vent below the retro Shoei logo does have a shutter to give the rider the option to block or allow air to flow through channels in the multiple-density EPS liner, which is backed by a brushed interior similar to its retro stablemates. That interior includes modern essentials like emergency-release cheekpads and synthetic leather panels above the eyebrows and around the neckroll. The lid is secured by a D-ring strap to maintain the simplicity of the design.

  • AIM Shell (Advanced Integrated Matrix) is a high-perfor shell structure designed exclusively by SHOEI in weight yet rigid in elasticity.
  • EPS-liner with 2 densities Superior protection through EPS elements with different shock absorbing levels.
  • Chinstrap with D-Ring for a true classic appearance.
  • 3 different outer shell constructions for per- fect fit & compact dimensions 1. XS-M, 2. L, 3. XL-XXL
  • 3D-Centerpad + Cheekpads Detach- and washable.
  • Exclusive CPB-1 Visor: easy to operate even with gloves on. When closed, secured against unexpected opening while riding.
  • Ventilation: multiple venting channels Optimum ventilation performance guaranteed.
  • Chin and forehead air inlets: fresh air everywhere.