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Shoefresh Shoe freshener

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Everyone who has a lot of (outdoor) sport, or suffer from sweaty feet knows the smell of wet, smelly shoes. And what do we often do: put the shoes in the washing machine and then put the newspapers in and on the heating. Except that this takes a lot of time, it is also very bad for your shoes! This can be done easier and faster: put your shoes on the Shoefresh shoe freshener and they will be hygienic, fresh and dry within half an hour.

  • Removes unpleasant odors effectively, tackles fungi and bacteria.
  • Dries shoes within half an hour.
  • Refresh shoes, boots, shin guards, gloves and helmets.
  • Starts and stops automatically.
  • Fully customizable to your liking.
  • Ideal for the whole family.
  • The smell of ozone can be experienced as unpleasant.


  • Put your shoes on the Shoefresh every time you wear them.
  • The smell of your shoes gradually becomes less. Give this process at least a week's time.
  • To refresh open shoes and shin guards, use the Shoefresh shoe bag.
  • For old shoes, replace the insoles with the specially developed Shoefresh insoles with bamboo.
  • In case of suffered foot fungus / toenails: spray your shoes with the Shoefresh shoe spray and then put them on the Shoefresh shoe freshener. Also ideal for sports shoes with sock. The ankle socks are not optimally cleaned by the Shoefresh.
  • For refreshing (motor) helmets you can use the Shoefresh helmet holders.