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Shad SH36 set carbon

The SH36 is the showpiece among the side-case systems. Fully compatible with the revolutionary 3P fastening system, awarded with a reddot design award. This set of 36 liter side cases can be placed in a very fast, simple but especially safe way by means of the 3P system. Spacious and light side case set that can be adjusted to the color that best matches your motorcycle thanks to the Shad Color change system. Offer 1 XXL system helmet. Standard equipped with White reflector at the rear. Can be extended with optional internal bag and red reflector. Maximum load 10Kg. In addition to the 3P system, this case can of course also be attached with a specific sidemaster mounting set.

The 3P fastening system offers a mounting system specifically designed for your engine that guarantees the solid suspension of the suitcase with its 3 fixing points. Safety and ergonomic design were the main ingredients during the design of this revolutionary fastening method. Because less use is made of metal parts, the total weight of the system is much lower than a conventional system.