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Shad Tankbag Pin System


Shad now comes with a very clever alternative to the tank ring. Suitable for a huge number of brands and models and can be used with 3 sizes of tank bags. As stuck as a house! At the bottom you will find a link to the pin system that you need for your motorcycle!

Shad pin system mounting kit suitable for almost all recent engines. Set consisting of 3 or 4 Shad pin system replacement screws and mounting plate. Engine brand / type specific mounting plate. Additional supplies, 1x Allen key (H3) and 1x Torx key (20). Remove 3 or 4 (Depending on brand / type of engine screws from the tank ring, and replace them with the Shad pin system screws according to manual.) Attach the mounting plate to the bottom of the E04P, E10P or E16P tank bag and place it over the 3 or 4 pins on your tank ring. Pull the bag towards you to lock it at the pins. When removing the bag, pull the latch on the front of the bag, and remove the bag. already compatible with 180 engines. Check HERE which system you need for your engine Please note: number of applicable models grows weekly.