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Buying Atlantic ladies Goretex? It is worth asking us for a sharp quotation: [email protected]

Where many manufacturers offer laminated Goretex only in men's sizes, Richa comes with a jacket (and possibly pants) that is suitable for ladies who place the highest demands on their clothing.

Richa Atlantic ladies GTX motorcycle jacket is part of the latest Richa collection.

Richa's experienced product development team faced a major challenge, creating an instantly laminated jacket (and trouser) from Gore-Tex for the extreme rider. Richa, who was an early adopter in the technology of direct laminate materials, started product development in 2007. Ten years later, Richa proudly presents their masterpiece, designed with Gore-Tex technology. Richa's Atlantic ladies Gore-Tex jacket represents high-quality materials, durability and extreme water resistance.

Key features / points:

  • Made from Gore-Tex
  • CE approved protection
  • Removable thermal lining
  • Adjustable sleeves, adjustable waist
  • Long and short connection zips
  • Ventilation panels