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Airbag vests for the motorbike are becoming more popular every day. Also because it is becoming more and more affordable. Motor airbags can be divided into two groups, namely those that function completely stand alone and a type that is connected with a motor mounting cord.



In our shop we only offer stand alone air bag vests. For the simple reason that they are much safer. Air bag vests based on a cord or GPS are less reliable and do not function in a number of essential situations. With GPS you can loose your GPS connection and you are therefore unprotected. And with a cord you are not protected when a car is hitting you from behind. In addition, you are limited to only your motorbike. Do you have to drive on another motorbike in case of trouble for example, or do you like to drive someone else's motor, you do not have an airbag system that protects you anymore.


Alpinestars Tech-Air stand alone air bag system

The Alpinestars Tech-Air airbag vest is suitable for motorcycle jackets and motorcycle suits from the Tech-Air collection of Alpinestars. The Tech-Air system works completely stand alone. There is no connection to the motor or GPS. The sensors are all incorporated in the air bag. This ensures comfort while wearing and driving and provides protection in all kinds of accidents.


Dainese D-Air stand alone air bag system

At Dainese you buy a D-air product. This means that the airbag is integrated in the jacket or in the motorcycle suit. It is not a separate jacket and airbag vest as is the case at Alpinestars. With Dainese, the airbag can not be removed or transferred to another motorcycle jacket or motorcycle suit.


Customer service of Biker Outfit

Do you have questions about air bag vests? Then contact our customer service specialists. We are happy to help you with expert advice! In addition to air bag vests for the motorbike, you can also find in our collection other items like Gore-Tex motorcycle jackets and Gore-Tex motorcycle pants, communication set for the motorbike and motorcycle heated underwear.

We also offer a wide range of motorcycle helmets. Of course you are invited to our shop in Amsterdam. Here you will find our full range of air bag vests. You can order motorcycle gear easily and quickly. With an order from € 50, - you will benefit from free shipping in NL.

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