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Oakley Airbrake MX


The cream of the crop among the motocross goggles, the Oakley Airbrake with Prizm lens!

Prizm Lens Technology
Not only developed for easily spotting bumps in the sand ... The Prizm MX lens helps you choose the right track, get the most out of yourself and drive with maximum confidence!

The Plutonite Prizm MX lens is an all-round contrast enhancing lens for different weather conditions, does not shatter on impact, offers a true-to-life image and has an anti-fog coating.


Helps you spot irregularities in the sand more easily.
Optimizes visual acuity and detail to make split-second decisions easier.
Maximum performance under different light conditions (also from direct sunlight to shade).

Airbrake MX adaptable chassis

Equipped with a fully adjustable frame. Simply replace worn parts such as the outriggers, foam layer or the strap.

Airbrake MX Switchlock technology
Changing the lens is a piece of cake!

Optical clarity
Lenses of the Airbrake ™ MX are injection moulded under extreme pressure with very strong and resilient Plutonite® material. This material provides optically correct vision, an undistorted image and does not shatter when impacted by pebbles.