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Muc-Off Multi Value Pack


Do you find it difficult to make the right choices on how to get your bike back on track? Then look no further, because with the Multi Value Pack from Muc-Off you are baked. The kit has three spray cans from Muc-Off's best cleaning and lubricants, namely:

  • Motorcycle Degreaser 500ml.
  • Motorcycle Protectant 500ml.
  • Endurance Chain Lube 500ml.

Motorcycle Degreaser
The biodegradable degreaser from Muc-Off effortlessly removes oil, grease and dirt on metal, rubber and barriers. Even the most stubborn water-repellent lubricants are effortlessly removed from any surface. After treatment, the cleaner dissolves completely in water and no residue remains.

Motorcycle Protectant
The Motorcycle Protectant from Muc-Off not only removes water after washing the engine, but also repels dirt. Motorcycle Protectant leaves a shiny, non-sticking protection layer on the frame, chain, metal parts and vats of the engine.

Endurance Chain Lube
The Ceramic Endurance Chain Lube from Muc-Off is a chain lubricant specially developed for long-term protection of the chain during long tours.

The special formula is unique in its kind and revolutionizes the performance of the chain during long tours. This product is therefore ideal for tourer-oriented and commuter traffic as the product does not have to be re-applied continuously.

Another nice feature of the product is the glow-in-the-dark effect with UV light. After the lubricant is applied, you can see through UV light whether the complete chain is lubricated.