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Moving Intelligence Mi01

Global coverage and 24/7 alarm center
Kiwa SCM approved TV01 recovery system

The Mi01 tracer is a post-theft recovery system with worldwide coverage. The level transmitter ensures that your object, whether it is a car, boat, tractor or work of art, can always be found. The Mi01 level transmitter is equipped with various unique technical functionalities, which means that the level transmitter cannot be hacked.

Online platform & app

Via the online platform and the app, you always have a clear overview of all your objects. The level transmitter sends a message to our platform, and the control room at least once a day, based on this message the location of the sender is determined. Of course, this location is also visible in the MiApp which is available for iOS and Android.

Kiwa SCM TV01 recovery system

The Mi01 Level transmitter is a Kiwa SCM TV01 Retrieval system. This certified Recovery system is a post-theft system that ensures that a vehicle can be found in the Netherlands within 24 hours, by the Kiwa SCM standard.

Insurers, therefore, refer in their policy conditions to a post-theft recovery system with this security class. With the Mi01 level transmitter, you are assured of the best after-theft system in this area.

How does the Mi01 tracer work?

The Mi01 Level transmitter transmits signals via GSM, RF (Radio Frequency) and GPS. After theft and reporting this to the investigation service, the level transmitter sends a message every hour via the GSM / GPS network and every second via radiofrequency.

With the help of these signals, the stolen object can be accurately located and retrieved.

Simplicity and ease of use

Due to the small narrow size and the mounting points on the side, the Mi01 level transmitter can be placed anywhere in a car, means of transport or work equipment. Due to the built-in power caps and internal battery, the level transmitter has no influence on the electronics already present and this system can work completely stand-alone and without wiring. The Mi01 level transmitter is activated by turning it 180 times ten times; this turns on the battery. You add the level transmitter to your Moving Intelligence account using the supplied activation code.


  • Easy to use and installation
  • Kiwa SCM certified TV01 Retrieval system
  • Theft investigation service
  • Internal battery
  • Link with alarm center
  • Manage online and via the app


Moving Intelligence develops anti-theft solutions with which you can track all your valuables. With hardware that is installed invisibly and with software that provides the information. You get a grip on everything that can move, even though you sometimes prefer not to: from car to scooter, from trailer to container, from boat to work equipment. For everyone: multinational or middle class, fleet manager or the proud owner of an old-timer.

Exclusive subscription - the MiWhite package - from € 9.62 per month

Optional: assembly at Protect-Effect in Amsterdam. In addition to Protect-Effect in Amsterdam Noord, the assembly can also take place at any other desired location in the Netherlands, for example at your home.

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  • Min. lifetime (1 position per day): 5 years
  • Max number of positions per 24 hours with no movement: 1
  • GSM, GPS and Radio Frequency
  • 360° GPS antenna
  • Global coverage
  • Motion sensor / active notification
  • PAC Emergency room
  • SCM - TV01 certified
  • Visible in online platform and MiApp
  • Internal battery
  • Wireless
  • Location history
  • Dimensions in mm: 145 x 35 x 22
  • Services package MiWhite - Level transmitter: € 7.95 ex VAT = € 9.62 in VAT