You have a pair of motorcycle jeans and would you like to have hip protectors? Or you find the current shoulder protection in your jacket not comfortable? Or you would like to upgrade your motorcycle jacket with a back protector? You can find it here!
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Motorcycle protection vests ensures (partial) absorption of the energy that is released in the event of a fall or collision. Generally, all motorcycle jackets come with shoulder protection and elbow protection. The back protector for your motorcycle jacket is not supplied 9 out of 10 times. This is often the case with the hip protection for in a pair of motorcycle jeans too. It could be you want to complement your motorcycle gear with these protectors. But it is also possible that you don't like your current protectors. Then you can always check if there is another variant that feels more comfortable.


Brands of protection vests in motorcycle gear

There are several brands for protection vests in motorcycle gear on the market. The more well-known brands are Forcefield, Zadona and Leatt.


CE-approved level of protection vests in motorcycle gear

There are 2 levels for protection vests in motorcycle clothing. CE-level 2 and CE-level 1, where CE-level 2 is higher than CE-level 1. These have been tested on the norm EN1621-2: 2014.


Motorcycle airbags in motorcycle gear

Airbag vests become more popular every day. Also because it is becoming more and more affordable. Motorcycle airbags can be divided into two groups. Those that function completely stand alone and a type that is connected to a mounting cord on the motorbike.

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