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Macna Electron RTX

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Macna waterproof and heated motorcycle glove. With the Electron RTX, you enjoy warm and dry comfort during every ride. The inner lining of Bamberg insulates and offers a lot of comfort. The Raintex membrane is 100% waterproof because it is laminated, the outer layer will, therefore, not absorb any water. Robust in design and equipped with hard knuckle protection and a RISC palm slider. You will find the Macna screen cleaner on both index fingers.

The Macna Electron has four heat settings and is powered by a 7.4V / 6.0Ah Lithium polymer battery. The heat settings are indicated with a by colour indication and easy to operate with your gloves on. You switch between the different heat settings via a simple button. The lowest setting does have a usage time of 6 hours! At the highest setting, the battery will last approximately 2.5 hours. Via the battery indicator, you can quickly see how full the battery is.

Optional other options are the different electrical cables that can connect the gloves to the motor battery, each with their respective plug. Extra batteries, the 12V upgrade and/or any chargers are also options.

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  • Combination of durable textile and leather
  • Laminated, waterproof and breathable Raintex membrane
  • Bemberg and Isofur lining
  • Knuckle protector
  • TPU protection on the fingers and palm
  • 30-degree buckle for comfortable closing of the glove around the wrist
  • Large Velcro closure of the cuff
  • Rainwiper on the index fingers
  • Touchtip


  • 4 Klan 7.4V / 3.0Ah batteries
  • Charger with LED indication
  • Casing for the batteries and the charger