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Macna Eighty One


The Macna Eighty One stands its ground on and off the bike thanks to the soft Softshell material and the conventional 2-layer system. Are you getting hot? Then simply remove the thermal ring. Stand out? You do that too, because all Eighty One jackets are equipped with Night Eye panels on the flank, making you more visible!

Night Eye is made of a special fabric in which tiny glass particles work like small satellite dishes that bounce the reflective light beam back to the light source. Even though a car is at a great distance, Night Eye lights up immediately as the light rays from a headlight and comes into contact with the material. The Night Eye fabric is processed in large panels. During the day this fabric normally looks gray, but at night the fabric lights up completely. So you can wear a fashionable jacket without looking like a road worker and you are very visible in the dark!

  • 2-layer system with a fixed Raintex membrane and a removable thermal liner
  • Night Eye reflection on the flank for extra visibility in the dark
  • Safe Tech CE protection on shoulder and elbow
  • CE back protection prepared
  • Belt loop - prevents the jacket from crawling when wearing motorcycle jeans
  • Zip grip - makes closing the zipper even easier
  • Hoody holder - ensures that the hat stays where it is

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