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Kriega US-tankadapter

Converts Kriega US-tailpacks to tank bags. With ultra grip/non scratch base fabric. Standard-fit is 2 x 25mm wide straps at the front (independently down to rad. mounts or joined together around the headstock). 25mm wide straps at rear locate on self-adhesive velcro under front edge of seat. An alternative fixing method can be supplied for bikes, where the seat does not easily move at the front (some Ducati & KTM models), this fitting hardware usually replaces the rear velcro solution wit 2 x loop straps which locate on the bike's frame. As long as your front seat-edge can move, you will be ok with the standard velcro solution.

  • 2 x quick-release for fuel fill
  • 4 x quick release pack from bike
Compatible with US5, US10, US20 en US30 (in combination with US10 + US20).