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Gerbing 2Ah Battery kit

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The Gerbing battery kit is available in 3 types: 1Ah, 2Ah and 3Ah. The higher the Ah, the longer the useful life of your Gerbing heated glove. Below is an overview of the three battery kits and the corresponding performance.
This 2Ah Gerbing battery kit delivers a power of 2600Mah per battery. This is the average version batteries from the Gerbing range. The battery is mounted in the shaft of the heated gloves and the push button on the palm allows you to adjust the heat in three positions per glove.

Supplied per set including charger.
Is placed and connected in the battery compartment of the glove.
Heat can be regulated in three positions via the Push button on the glove.
The batteries have a service life of up to 500 times *

Not to be used on the Gerbing OT and XR gloves.
Only to be used on Gerbing products with the red/blue image logo.
Operating time Gerbing 2Ah battery kit

- Red position: 2 hours
- Orange position: 4 hours
- Blue position: 7 hours

Tip! The life of a battery can be increased by regularly charging it. This is best done by always keeping the battery above 25% capacity (a blue LED), it is less good to let it drain completely. If you do not use the Gerbing gloves (temporarily), it is better to charge the battery occasionally. Our advice is to do this at least once a month.