Smart short sports glove

€ 69,95 € 59,95

The Cyclone is a smart sporty summer glove. It offers all the comfort and ventilation you need in warm weather, without compromising on protection, and in addition, it allows you to stay connected with your smartphone or GPS.


  • Cyclone is CE approved.
  • Main external materials: goat leather and vented polyester, for softness, comfort and good abrasion resistancy.
  • Furgyan Skin Protect lining. Approved by Furygan’s R&D (Motion Lab) to reinforce leather products in terms of tearing and abrasion resistance.
  • External protection shell for metacarpals. Multiple reinforcements made with doubled leather and/or additional foam on areas exposed to abrasion in a crash situation.
  • 100% Leather palm.
  • Half textile, half geat leather and pre-shaped, the Cyclone gloves are light and soft.
  • Vented
  • The design features a medium length cuff equipped with an adjuster.
  • Elastane inserts between the fingers for more comfort and optimized airflow.
  • Comfort reinforcement on the top of the palm.
  • The cyclone also includes Furygan Sensitive Science: The forefingers and thumbs are equipped with a specific insert allowing for the use of touchscreen devices.

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