Ideal for in summer

€ 289,95 € 259,95

• CE approved leather motorcycle boots from Forma
• Outdry membrane: waterproof & breathable
• Ultra cooling with innovative vent & tank system

Something a little extra: These boots are different to all touring boots that you have seen before. These have been designed with the extreme tourer in mind. Those of you who are looking to explore the desert in the sweltering heat. For this you need to stay cool. In comes the Sahara boot from Forma. Developed with a new super cooling system this boot is the one for you. The vented rear and front material not only offers maximum abrasion resistance but allows elevated internal air flow too. What makes this boot stand out is the water tank system. A small front tank can be filled with 15ml of water which is then utilised by the new patented system to cool your foot. How awesome is that?!

Protection as you'd expect: The ankle has specifically been injected with reinforcement plastic to protect your ankle from the ground in the event of a fall or slide. Forma have thought of everything, so this plastic has also been vented to be able to regulate temperature. This same treatment has also been given to the shin. The Mid Dual Flex system has been incorporated into the sole which means that the double density rubber is flexible enough to give your foot mobility but stiff at the back so that your foot can't bend all the way backwards. This is the kind of protection we like to see!

All season wear: This Sahara boot has the Forma Outdry membrane. Possibly the best waterproofing in the market thanks to the fact that the membrane is attached directly to the outer leather. The collar has been padded for extra comfort and makes the boot easy to take on and off. The sole is Forma's 'Comfort' fit so you know that these boots are the one when it comes to everyday wear.

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